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Quality control

Quality Control
——Quality is the most beautiful technology.

First step: IQC(Incoming Material Quality Control)

All raw materials and product accessories must be checked and tested before entering our production facilities according to the international standard of MIL-STD-105E. We choose level 1.0 as our standard.

For example, if the incoming quantity is 1000pcs, then we will draw sampling of 100pcs. Among the 100pcs, if only 1pcs are found to be unqualified, then we will accept the whole batch of material; If 2pcs are found to be unqualified, then we will refuse and return this whole batch to the supplier;for some important material, we check 100%.

Second step: IPQC (In Production Quality Control)

Before mass production, we will make 20 pcs pre-production samples to ensure the smooth producing and keep them aging tested for one week to ensure the whole batch of goods working stably. QC inspectors take the semi-products for testing at any time during the mass production especially for the electrical components, movable handles overall assembly, temperature control, power, high voltage testing and etc. And each product must go aging test one by one at least 45minutes after assembly.

Third step: FQC (Final Quality Control)

FQC checking will have two steps:
1) Before package, the QC team will checked all the products 100% to make sure everything is correct
and with good performance. When everything is approved to be OK, then will move for final package.

2) After package, finished products must be strictly checked and tested by our FQC staff according to
the international standard of MIL-STD-105E to ensure their quality.

When QC staff do final quality checking, they will focus on:

A. Performance and function checking including temperature range, high voltage, power, cord-swiveling,
cord pull test, on\off functions, the flexibility of the plates, the strength of the spring and etc; These
important functions, if there is one pcs found to be in problem, the whole batch of the order will have
to recheck again to make sure each pcs of the products go out from our factory is no problem.

B. Appearance checking including silkscreen, color, housing, manual packaging, carton design and etc


Guarantee Policy:
 * Guarantee time: 2 years from the shipping date
 * For the all bad products, all customers only need to take a picture attached the reason of bad product to send to us, except used the product by a wrong way; we will send free product to replace.
 * For order 10000pcs of one model one time; we will send free 10pcs more.
 * If there is some special problem, we like to arrange our engineer to your company to solve the problem,


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